Hayes Instrument Service
Hayes Instrument Service can perform a wide variety of calibrations on-site at your facility. Capabilities include:
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Dimensional
  • RF Electronics
  • Temperature & Chamber Profiling
  • Pressure/Vacuum
  • Force/Torque
  • Balances/Scales
  • Incubators
  • Rectifiers
  • ESD Stations

Calibrating your instruments on-site . . .

  • Reduces instrument downtime
  • Minimizes disruption of your manufacturing process
  • Eliminates shipping costs or delays because instruments don’t leave your facility
  • Enables our technicians to become more familiar with your processes

Every aspect of our on-site calibrations is coordinated by customer service professionals to assure your complete satisfaction. To set up an on-site visit,

  • Telephone, e-mail or fax a list of equipment to Hayes Instrument Service.
    We will promptly provide a no-obligation quotation for on-site services, based upon your list of equipment and documentation requirements.
  • Issue a Purchase Order
    Documentation is required to ensure you obtain the correct service and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, QS9000, ANSI/NCSL Z540 and/or ISO/IEC 17025. All include wording similar to ISO 9001 that states “purchasing information shall describe the product to be purchased, including where appropriate a) requirements for approval of product, procedures, processes and equipment, b) requirements for qualification of personnel, and c) quality management system requirements.” Include the need for accredited service (where applicable) by including the words “A2LA Accredited Calibration” on the PO.
  • Call Leah at 978-663-4800 to set up your on-site.
    Select the combination of technicians and days that work for you.
  • Provide a work area and access to your equipment.
    Our technicians will need a clean, well-lit area with 110 VAC electrical power and room temperature conditions. Access to instruments will have to be arranged with the equipment users. A point of contact will be selected to supply the instruments to the technicians for calibration during the day(s). Security arrangements will also be made, providing access to our personnel.

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